Renovating Your RV? Review Your RV Insurance

If you’re located in Urbandale, IA or the surrounding areas you would do well to trust BLC Insurance, an insurance services company that has been around for almost 100 years. With 80 years under our belts, we know a lot about insuring your recreational vehicle as well as protecting other parts of your life.

The agents at BLC Insurance agree with you. Renovating an RV is a fantastic idea. While you’re out enjoying your vacation or leisure time why not be able to look around and absolutely love what you see. When it comes to renovating your recreational vehicle the most important aspect of your recreational vehicle coverage that will be affected is the contents coverage portion.  With the new finishes comes higher value. Not only the contents of your recreational vehicle but also the recreational vehicle itself. Upon renovation, your RV may be more subject to theft, damage, and loss. It is similar to the prospect of renovating your home. It is important to use contractors that are insured against damage because with the renovation comes the possibility of damage to the RV or the new finish. It is probable that your RV will be more attractive upon the completion of the renovation. Robbers may be more prone to burglarize with the newer version. 

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