Items Umbrella Insurance Covers

Items Umbrella Insurance Covers

You might think that you can only obtain an umbrella insurance policy for homeowners’ insurance, but this secondary insurance works as an add-on to auto, RV, jet ski and boat insurance, too. BLC Insurance of Urbandale, IA wants you to fully understand the importance of this secondary insurance because obtaining it can provide significant protections to your finances and investment portfolio.

Umbrella insurance provides numerous protections regardless of the type of policy to which you add it. These protections include:

  • property damage including damages that exceed the standard auto policy liability limit,
  • bodily injury liability exceeding the normal medical coverage of a homeowners’ insurance policy,
  • landlord liability extending to tenants who sustain an injury on your rental property,
  • libel or slander coverage in addition to that provided by your homeowners’ insurance,
  • malicious prosecution coverage if you wrongfully or maliciously sue another person.

Adding umbrella insurance to your recreational vehicle insurance makes good sense. You probably take friends out on your boat and let family members use your jet ski. You also probably make road trips in your RV with friends or family members. That makes you liable for their injuries while using the equipment whether they have an accident on the jet ski, or they trip and fall inside the RV. Either way, you are liable for their medical costs.

Call or contact BLC Insurance of Urbandale, IA for more information on umbrella insurance. We want to help you protect your investments and your finances. Ask us to which type of policies you might need to add umbrella insurance today. We’ll sit down with you and go over your business and portfolio with you.