Hitting the Road for Summer? Check Your Motorcycle Insurance

When you own a motorcycle, the appeal of hitting the road is never greater than during summer. A summer road trip promises to be an adventure to remember. The right motorcycle insurance policy from BLC Insurance, Urbandale, IA, will ensure you’re well protected during your travels. Before hitting the road this summer, consider protecting yourself with the following coverage:


Motorcycle riding comes with its share of risks, especially on open roads. You never know if or when an accident will happen. Liability insurance covers injuries and property damage to others in case you cause an accident. Minimum liability coverage is mandatory in most states. For long-distance road trips, you’d do well to get more than just the minimum. Good liability protection reduces the risk of being sued for damages in the event you’re found at fault of a serious accident.

Uninsured Motorist

On the road, you’ll encounter all kinds of drivers. Unfortunately, some may have inadequate or no insurance coverage. Uninsured motorist insurance covers your medical expenses and damage to your motorcycle if you’re hit by an uninsured driver.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

If your bike is fairly new or you’ve added new accessories to enhance comfort on the road, you should get coverage to protect your investment. Collision coverage will help pay for damages to your bike if you’re in an accident. If you opt for comprehensive coverage, your insurer will compensate you for damages caused by bad weather, theft, and vandalism. The last thing you want is to get stuck with a huge repair bill on a vacation road trip. For stress-free travels, be sure your motorcycle insurance offers you the road trip protection you need.  

To learn more about motorcycle insurance options, coverage and costs, talk to an agent from BLC Insurance, Urbandale, IA.