The Problems Casued by Underestimating Home Replacement Cost

It is a good idea to have home insurance that covers the replacement cost for rebuilding a home if it is entirely destroyed. However, insurance industry studies find that the majority of homes are either not insured or under-insured. Here are some of the reasons why this happens and how homeowners can avoid this problem.

Lack of a Regular Home Insurance Review

Taking good care of a home requires annual maintenance. This maintenance should include having an annual review of the insurance coverage with the help of your agent at BLC Insurance, serving Urbandale, IA and the nearby areas. This free review will help homeowners take a good look at the current insurance coverage that they have in order to make sure it is adequate for their needs.

Undervaluation of Replacement Costs

Home construction costs that include labor and materials have a tendency to increase over time. If a home experiences a catastrophic loss, this may be caused by a natural disaster that affects a wide area. Because of the sudden increased demand for repair and reconstruction of homes, the price of getting this work done is automatically higher than normal. Using a replacement cost amount that does not include this factor of increased prices in the aftermath of a natural disaster, means that the coverage will be inadequate.

Not Protecting Personal Property

Home insurance may not be sufficient to cover the value of personal property in the home. Review any personal property limits under your home insurance policy to make sure there is adequate coverage for items in the home. If you have rare and valuable items in your home that exceed the amounts of these limits, it is a good idea to get additional insurance coverage for them.

Check with your agent at BLC Insurance in Urbandale, IA to discuss home insurance and to get an insurance review to make sure your coverage is adequate.

Essential Facts about Home Insurance in Urbandale, IA

Home insurance is one of the most responsible steps that a new homeowner can take. Not only does it cover damages from theft or disasters, but it also covers your legal liability if someone is injured on your property. Of course, not all home insurance policies are created equal and have different prices. If you need help shopping around for insurance in  Urbandale, IA, BLC Insurance can help you out.

You Are Not Obliged To Have It

In a legal sense, you do not have to be covered by home insurance. If you have a mortgage, your lender may require it.

Insurance Rates May Depend on Neighborhood.

Not only will a neighborhood’s reputation affect property value but also your insurance premium. If you live in an area with extremely high crime, it is likely to cost your more. If you are further away from emergency services, that can also be a factor.

Covered Damages May Be Determined in the Policy

Generalization should never be made on what is covered in a home insurance policy. The company can decide to cover or not cover within the policy, including certain conditions of coverage. This is why policies should be read and negotiated.

Flood Damage is Usually Not Included

This is a foolish assumption by many with home insurance. The coverage of flood damage will require a separate policy.

Home insurance is a smart decision to get but it has a lot of variance for every individual. You must assess the number of assets and the cost to determine if a plan works for you. If you need help shopping around for a policy in the Urbandale, IA area, BLC Insurance may be able to help you out.

Quick Home Improvement Solutions

Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home or just want to update it, there are some quick home improvement solutions that you can do to make your home more inviting. In Urbandale, IA, BLC Insurance wants you to know that you can rejuvenate your Iowa home even if you are on a budget.

An Extra Coat of Paint

You can change the look and feel of a room with a simple coat of paint. Darker colors make a room appear smaller and lighter colors give rooms a spacious feel. If the space you’re painting is small, such as a hallway or child’s bedroom, you should consider lighter colors so the space won’t feel cramped.

Install Crown Molding

If charm is what you’re looking for, installing crown molding will make your home complete. Adding crown molding to a room will not only add value to your home but will also give it a beautiful modern look. This is also something that you can do yourself if you’re handy with a table saw. The corners of crown molding need to be precise in order for them to fit together. If this is done correctly, you will ultimately save money and create a fantastic-looking room.

Design a Meticulous Landscape

Creating a beautiful entryway is an ideal solution if you’re selling your home because the first thing people see is your landscape. Even if you don’t plan to leave your home, having a modernized landscape will greet you comfortingly each time you come home from a long workday. Don’t forget the backyard. Landscape lighting, outdoor kitchens, and koi ponds are delightful ideas when you decide to upgrade your outdated yard.

Stop by the BLC Insurance offices in Urbandale, IA for a look at your homeowner’s policy. Our independent agents can help you get started on a new policy or help you determine if you need additional coverage.

Exotic Domestic Animals And Your Home Insurance Policy

What Strange Critters Lurk Behind Your Neighbors Doors

You will be surprised to know the types of exotic pets that your neighbors own. To learn exactly what is registered here in Urbandale, IA you would have to look up the details at the Urbandale, IA American Society to Prevent Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) branch or the Urbandale, IA Humane Society. Here is a short list of some of the more exotic animals that reside in your state. 

  • Sugar gliders
  • hairless sphinx 
  • miniature horses
  • Skunks
  • chinchillas
  • hedgehogs
  • baby monkeys

If you decide to make a wholly mammoth your domesticated pet, your home insurance policy will be duly affected because Iowa has state laws that must be adhered to regarding how you house your pets. In addition to saving the community from the danger of exotic pets, Iowa has laws regarding how your exotic pet is cared for and professionally maintained with veterinarian visits. 

Chain Them Up And Lock Them Tight

Depending upon the type of exotic animal that is involved your home insurance policy will be affected by a decision to own one. BLC Insurance agents are familiar with the types of extra insurance protection that may be necessary if you own an exotic pet.

Look at the ramifications of owning miniature horses or regular horses for that matter. Your home insurance will have to reflect their presence if they are housed on your property. Aside from the town and county permits that will be necessary to properly take responsibility for your exotic animal, home insurance will have to provide for their protection as well.

BLC Insurance Agency agents look forward to speaking with you soon and definitely before you acquire your exotic animal. Contact us today to discuss how our agency can serve this and all of your insurance needs.    



Can Renovating Your Home Reduce the Cost of Homeowner’s Insurance?

Renovating your home can not only improve its function and aesthetic appeal, but can earn you discounts on homeowners insurance. Here are just a few renovations that could help Urbandale, IA, homeowners qualify for discounts on their homeowner’s policy.

New Roof

Putting a new roof on your home will protect your Iowa home from property damage due to snowstorms, rain, hail and wind. This extra protection against damage and loss could result in a reduction of your insurance premium. Talk to a BLC Insurance agent to see what kind of discount you can gain by replacing the roof on your home.

Storm Shutters and Doors

In like manner, professional installation of storm shutters and doors will keep your property safe from adverse weather that can cause structural or water damage to your home. By taking these steps to safeguard your property, you can help lower insurance costs. Be sure to save receipts of the installation job to verify to your insurer that this work was professionally done.

Plumbing and Electrical Updates

Old homes often have antiquated pipes or wiring that can cause accidental flooding or fire. Plumbing and electrical system upgrades can reduce the risk of water and fire damage, which could enable you to benefit from a reduction in your insurance premium.

Security System

By installing a central alarm system, you add an extra layer of protection against theft and vandalism to your home. An alarm system will greatly enhance your home’s security, which could keep your family and goods safe from harm.  Such safety measures could qualify you for a discount on your home insurance cost.

Before making major home improvements to your property, talk to your BLC Insurance agent in Urbandale, IA, to see how renovating your property can help you save money on home insurance costs.


How to Find the Right Homewoner’s Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance in Urbandale, IA from BLC Insurance is designed to protect the biggest investment you will ever make – your home. After all, you have likely worked extremely hard for what you have. If you don’t have adequate coverage, a single disaster could wipe all this out. If you are ready to purchase this coverage, then you may benefit by getting to know some tips that will help you along the way. 

Determine Your Home’s Value
An important factor to understand from the beginning is how much insurance you actually need. To determine this, you have to know the value of your home. If your home is destroyed or damaged, you need to know what the cost will be to replace it. An assessment company or home builder can give you an accurate value.
Keep in mind, this is not something you should guess. Determining the value of your home is not a DIY project. 

What Risk Factors is Your Premium Based on? 
You need to understand that the premium you pay is based on the risk that the insurer takes by selling you the insurance. This means that the higher the risk is that something is going to happen and that they are going to have to pay for damages, the higher your premium is going to be. 

Find Out How to Save Money on Your Premium
There are many risk factors that can increase the cost of your homeowner’s insurance premium. There are also factors that can help you save money on the policy. Some factors that may help you receive a discount include dead bolt locks, a burglary alarm system, new wiring in the home, a home that is close to a police department, etc. 

If you are in the market to purchase homeowner’s insurance, being informed is the best way to ensure you get the right policy and a sufficient amount of coverage. You can learn more by contacting BLC Insurance in Urbandale, IA.


Buying Homeowner’s Insurance, The Basics

When it comes to home insurance everyone can use a bit of help here and there. Home insurance is a must for anyone that owns a home for a few different reasons. For those in the Urbandale, IA area, BLC Insurance can answer any questions that you may have about what policy is going to work best for you.

Home insurance is something that every homeowner needs to invest in and if you have a mortgage, you are going to be required to hold a home insurance policy to protect the lender’s investment. Home insurance is in place to help protect your home from things like fire, earthquake, flood, break ins, and other damage that may occur from both natural disasters and from other people.

Your homeowner’s policy is going to be tailored to the investment that you have in your home. If you own a home that is valued at $200,000 the policy you hold is not going to be for $200,000. Instead, homeowner’s policies cover the amount of money that it would take to rebuild the home that you have in the current economy. This is meant to help protect the homeowner as it is always impossible to build back for the amount that the home is currently valued at.

This cushion so to speak is built in so that you can make back the investment and rebuild despite things like inflation the cost of materials and labor going up as the cost of living increases as well. Your policy is going to cover basic events like damage from wind, fire, and theft and break in. It is also going to help cover the cost of replacing the contents of your home if they are damaged.

If you are at all unsure of your homeowner’s policy or you have questions about what policy is going to work best for you, what policy you should choose, and how to proceed, you can contact the helpful agents with BLC Insurance serving the Urbandale, IA area.

What you can do to prepare your outdoors for fall

The changing of the seasons is an important time for homeowners in Urbandale, IA.  In addition to the cooler temperatures, though, it’s important to take this time to get your years ready for the upcoming season.  Fortunately, at BLC Insurance we know what you need to do to get ready for the fall.

  1. Put away your summer toys.  Small patio furniture and other items can become hazardous when they’re left out during a storm.  Bring them in now, and you’ll have one less thing to do when bad weather approaches.  While you’re doing this chore, pay attention to the condition of the furniture and toys you bring in.  Summer heat can cause a lot of damage, and you may have items that are no longer safe to play with.
  2. Take car of your roof.  If you have trees on your property, make sure that all branches, leaves, and other debris is cleaned off of it. This will prevent this material from decaying on your roof and releasing acids that can eat through your shingles.  A small amount of maintenance now can save you a lot of money down the road.
  3. Trim back trees.  Branches that are hanging over your property are potential hazards that can fall and damage your home, car, or other property.  Take the time to trim back these trees while the weather is nice.  If necessary, hire a tree service to remove large, diseased branches.

This fall, if you’re thinking about getting a new home owner’s insurance policy, or if you just want to save money on the policy you already have, call the agents at BLC Insurance.  They have years of experience helping people just like you find the policy that’s right for them.