Can I buy umbrella insurance if I don’t have any other kind of insurance?

You may have heard how much protection an umbrella policy can offer, because of its wide coverage and high limits. You might know someone who would have been in serious financial trouble without the umbrella policy they purchased in Urbandale, IA through BLC Insurance.

The limit on an umbrella policy usually starts at a million dollars, which seems like a lot until you realize how much you could be liable for in just one accident. However, because of the way they work, you will need to have at least one other insurance policy in order to get an umbrella policy.

So how do umbrella policies work?

You can actually get a clue as to how umbrella policies work by the name. An umbrella policy extends to cover you in times of need, protecting you from outside dangers much the way an umbrella protects you from the elements.

The umbrella policy won’t kick in until your regular insurance has maxed out, though, so you need a regular policy to add on an umbrella policy. Many people carry insurance on their home, whether renters or homeowners and auto insurance for their vehicles. If there is a disaster, like a fire or a tornado, your regular insurance will pay up to its maximum. 

Benefits of Umbrella Policies

If you only carry minimal policies on your home and auto, you can see how quickly you would reach the limits of those policies. One car crash could cause hundreds of thousands of medical bills, which you would need to pay out of pocket if you weren’t covered.

Because it isn’t used until your other insurance reaches its limit, umbrella policies are surprisingly affordable. Call today to see what a great deal you can get for your new umbrella policy in Urbandale, IA from BLC Insurance.