How much auto insurance do you need in Iowa?

The state of Iowa leads the way in education. Would you also believe that the Hawkeye State is also number one when it comes to insurance? You may have a variety of policies to choose from in Urbandale IA, which could lead to confusion. Which plan is best for your lifestyle? How much auto insurance do you need to be in compliance with state law? BLC Insurance can help!

Iowa Auto Insurance Requirements

The Hawkeye State has very specific stipulations surrounding indemnity coverage for automobiles. You must have an assurance plan to legally operate a vehicle in the region, and such plan must meet the following requirements:

  • $20,000 minimum coverage per person;
  • $40,000 minimum coverage per accident;
  • $15,000 minimum coverage for property damage. 

Iowa may also require residents operating vehicles in the state to have uninsured motorist coverage that pays at least $20,000 per person injured in an auto accident while providing a minimum of $40,000 overall coverage per incident. It is possible for Urbandale, IA drivers to reject uninsured motorist coverage as long as they return a form stating their desire to go without such plan to their indemnity provider. 

Should You Go Without Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

While every situation is different, it is generally a good idea to have an auto insurance policy that pays for all accident scenarios that could occur on the road. You run the risk of having to pay a substantial amount for repairs and bodily injury out of your pocket if someone rear-ends you and lacks the proper insurance to pay for the incident.

Still, it is best to discuss matters of indemnity coverage with an experienced agent who can thoroughly explain policy limits and other factors pertaining to auto coverage. Let a professional from BLC Insurance find the plan that works best for you today!