Umbrella Insurance:  The Extra Coverage You Need

No one wants to think about accidents occurring but they do every day.  That is why we all have several insurance policies to cover damages and liability related to our homes, autos, and boats.  These policies have limits, however, so what do you do when the policy amount is not large enough to completely cover the medical and legal costs related to an accident where you are deemed liable?  That is where an umbrella insurance policy can provide the extra level of protection when you need it.  The team at BLC Insurance serves the residents in the Urbandale, IA area with all their insurance needs.  They stand ready to answer the questions you have. 

Umbrella insurance serves an important role in protecting your assets.  For instance, if someone has an accident in your home and you are deemed negligent, they can sue you for medical and legal costs.  Your homeowner’s policy may cover up to $300,000.  However, if the medical expenses and legal fees amount to $500,000, you will be responsible for the balance.  With an umbrella policy, after the homeowner’s policy amount is exhausted, the umbrella policy will cover the balance.  This can protect your assets at a critical time.  Umbrella insurance policies may also protect in cases of libel, slander, and invasion of privacy cases.  These are items that are not generally covered by other policies. 

In the Urbandale, IA area, the BLC Insurance team will help you understand your insurance options and get you the coverage you need.  Visit their website to get started, then call them or visit their offices.  Your assets, such as your home, auto, boat or valuables, are important to you and your family.  Make sure that they are protected.