Exotic Domestic Animals And Your Home Insurance Policy

What Strange Critters Lurk Behind Your Neighbors Doors

You will be surprised to know the types of exotic pets that your neighbors own. To learn exactly what is registered here in Urbandale, IA you would have to look up the details at the Urbandale, IA American Society to Prevent Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) branch or the Urbandale, IA Humane Society. Here is a short list of some of the more exotic animals that reside in your state. 

  • Sugar gliders
  • hairless sphinx 
  • miniature horses
  • Skunks
  • chinchillas
  • hedgehogs
  • baby monkeys

If you decide to make a wholly mammoth your domesticated pet, your home insurance policy will be duly affected because Iowa has state laws that must be adhered to regarding how you house your pets. In addition to saving the community from the danger of exotic pets, Iowa has laws regarding how your exotic pet is cared for and professionally maintained with veterinarian visits. 

Chain Them Up And Lock Them Tight

Depending upon the type of exotic animal that is involved your home insurance policy will be affected by a decision to own one. BLC Insurance agents are familiar with the types of extra insurance protection that may be necessary if you own an exotic pet.

Look at the ramifications of owning miniature horses or regular horses for that matter. Your home insurance will have to reflect their presence if they are housed on your property. Aside from the town and county permits that will be necessary to properly take responsibility for your exotic animal, home insurance will have to provide for their protection as well.

BLC Insurance Agency agents look forward to speaking with you soon and definitely before you acquire your exotic animal. Contact us today to discuss how our agency can serve this and all of your insurance needs.