Frequently Asked Questions About Excluding a Driver From Your Auto Insurance Policy

If your spouse has been convicted of drunk driving, has a lot of accidents or has numerous traffic tickets, their bad driving record may weigh on you. Excluding them from your policy can help make your rates more affordable. But what exactly does this mean? Read on to learn more!

When you exclude a driver from your auto insurance policy, you are telling the auto insurance company that that driver will never drive your car. This helps to give the auto insurer peace of mind that the poor driver will not be driving your vehicle, and thus, they may ensure that bad driver’s record does not affect yours.

The downside to excluding a driver from your policy is that they are not covered when driving your car. This means that your husband cannot drive your vehicle to pick your kids up from school or even to move it out of the driveway. If he is excluded and does this, your insurance will not cover any damage he does to your car or another if he is involved in an auto accident.

Excluding a driver you live with, such as your spouse or husband, can help ensure their bad driving record does not affect your auto insurance rates. However, it also prevents that driver from being covered by your auto insurance policy while behind the wheel of your car.

If you are interested in a new auto insurance policy in the greater Urbandale, IA area, contact BLC Insurance. Our professional auto insurance brokers can help you determine why it may be beneficial to exclude or include a driver on your auto insurance policy. Give us a call today to get price quotes with both an included and excluded driver.