Can Renovating Your Home Reduce the Cost of Homeowner’s Insurance?

Renovating your home can not only improve its function and aesthetic appeal, but can earn you discounts on homeowners insurance. Here are just a few renovations that could help Urbandale, IA, homeowners qualify for discounts on their homeowner’s policy.

New Roof

Putting a new roof on your home will protect your Iowa home from property damage due to snowstorms, rain, hail and wind. This extra protection against damage and loss could result in a reduction of your insurance premium. Talk to a BLC Insurance agent to see what kind of discount you can gain by replacing the roof on your home.

Storm Shutters and Doors

In like manner, professional installation of storm shutters and doors will keep your property safe from adverse weather that can cause structural or water damage to your home. By taking these steps to safeguard your property, you can help lower insurance costs. Be sure to save receipts of the installation job to verify to your insurer that this work was professionally done.

Plumbing and Electrical Updates

Old homes often have antiquated pipes or wiring that can cause accidental flooding or fire. Plumbing and electrical system upgrades can reduce the risk of water and fire damage, which could enable you to benefit from a reduction in your insurance premium.

Security System

By installing a central alarm system, you add an extra layer of protection against theft and vandalism to your home. An alarm system will greatly enhance your home’s security, which could keep your family and goods safe from harm.  Such safety measures could qualify you for a discount on your home insurance cost.

Before making major home improvements to your property, talk to your BLC Insurance agent in Urbandale, IA, to see how renovating your property can help you save money on home insurance costs.