5 Risks That Are Covered With Commercial Insurance

When you have a business in Urbandale, IA, it is important to explore commercial insurance. This will allow you to have financial protection over your business and all of its assets. There are several different risks that are covered when you have the right commercial insurance in place.


Regardless of what industry you work in, employees can be injured. Further, consumers may be injured on your property or when you visit their location. This could lead to lawsuits that are even more expensive to deal with.


Negligent acts can take place from time to time. This may have to do with you informing a client improperly or making a mistake during the hiring process.

Property Damage

Storms, burglaries, and more can lead to property damage. This includes not only the building, but the inventory that you have inside of the building.

Car Accidents

When you have commercial vehicles, car accidents can take place while out on the road. You may experience property damage, vehicle damage, as well as injuries. This can add up to a lot of money quickly, which is why it’s best to have coverage.

Electronic Data Loss

A significant amount of business is done electronically. From time to time, there may be a data breach or another issue that leads to electronic data loss.

When you have commercial insurance drafted, you want to make sure that all of the various risks are covered. Every business is a little different and therefore you want to make sure that your policy covers everything that you could potentially encounter throughout the year. With the right coverage, you can conduct business without having to worry about the various issues that could take place.

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